How To Create A Backyard Oasis

How to turn your Northern Colorado backyard into a beautiful oasis.

Are you interested in turning your backyard into an outdoor oasis you never want to leave? There are many things you can do to upgrade your outdoor living space. With warm weather right around the corner, the time is now to start planning. We have some ideas for you to create a backyard oasis your neighbors will be jealous of!

Create A Sense of Privacy

Speaking of neighbors, who doesn’t want a little more privacy when they are relaxing in their backyard? Obviously, a fence the first way to create privacy but you can also create privacy in your outdoor space with decorative barriers. If you want something beautiful to look at while creating a natural boundary, consider adding a raised bed. The wall of flowers in the raised bed will be beautiful and smell wonderful all summer long while adding a layer of enclosure around your patio. Another way to add privacy to your Northern Colorado backyard is by adding some lattice. Privacy screens have also come a long way in terms of materials.

Treat Your Patio Like A Room In Your Home

Your patio is an extension of your indoor living space. When evaluating how to upgrade your patio, think about the things you would do when redecorating a room. You would start with the floor (patio base). Are you happy with your patio’s base? Is the wood old? Is the concrete cracking? There are many fun things you can do with stone or concrete. You could even consider adding a Trex deck patio. Once you have selected the new floor (base) for your patio, evaluate the space and what furniture will fit. If you have room, add an outdoor dining table and a sitting area with an outdoor couch and chairs. Next, think about what colors you will choose for the rugs and pillows. Is there room for any other accessories like an outdoor ice chest or a fan? Finally, add planters and container gardens as they fit.

Create Shade

We all know how hot July and August can be in Colorado. Creating some shade in your outdoor space makes it easier to enjoy sitting outside at various times of the day. Trees are obviously the best form of natural shade, but many newer homes are years away from a tree large enough to provide shade. Other ways to shade your outdoor oasis are umbrellas, awnings, pergolas, and shade sails.

Define The Space

Pergolas and gazebos are the perfect way to define your outdoor space. Whether you are adding an additional luxurious space with a gazebo or adding to your patio with a pergola, you will love the way both structures create focal points in your outdoor oasis. For the ultimate treat, pair your pergola or gazebo with a hot tub!

Outdoor Furniture

We mentioned outdoor furniture earlier and want to discuss it again. Define your style and find waterproof, outdoor furniture that will be practical and comfortable when you are sitting outside. Are you someone who likes to kick back in the recliners- great! They make outdoor recliners. Prefer to cozy up on the loveseat? Amazing! Find a comfortable love seat with some plush pillows. There are some really cool outdoor furniture options out there. Before you go to the nearest box store, check online and even take a trip down to American Furniture Warehouse to see what they have to offer. Add some outdoor pillows and have a few matching throws handy for cooler evenings.


An often missed outdoor accessory is a patio rug. Find an outdoor rug to match your outdoor furniture pillows. The rug will further diner your space, especially on a larger patio where you may have a dining area and a sitting area.


Transform your outdoor entertaining space and bring your family together with a firepit. Regardless of the style you choose, a firepit will be enjoyable during three, if not four, Colorado seasons. Firepits can be as simple as a store-bought metal fire pit to a custom gas fire pit or handmade stone fire pit. If your budget and space allow for it, an outdoor fireplace is a luxurious way to upgrade your backyard.

More Ideas

Depending on your space, preferences, and budget, here are some other features you can add to make your backyard an enjoyable oasis:

  • String lights
  • Hanging baskets
  • Decorative pots with flowers
  • Fountains (freestanding or built into your landscaping with rock)
  • Potted plants
  • Outdoor fans
  • Outdoor heaters (surprisingly useful during the cooler spring and fall evenings)
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Weatherproof art

Are you wondering how to create a backyard oasis? Northern Colorado Landscaping can help you upgrade your backyard into the beautiful outdoor retreat you have been dreaming of. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate. We will come out and see your current space, discuss your ideas and budget and give you a quote!

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