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Spring Aeration in Northern Colorado

Benefits of Spring Aeration in Northern Colorado

Thinking about aerating your lawn this spring? Aeration is important for the health of your lawn and nearly every lawn can benefit from aeration.

According to the Colorado State University extension office, the best seasons in Colorado to aerate your lawn are spring and fall. The reason for this is the grass is actively growing during these times, and the goal of aeration is to promote new root growth.

Using a process that involves poking holes in the ground with a lawn aerator, aerating your lawn provides the soil with air. This process reduces soil compaction. Reducing soil compaction will allow water and fertilizer to move into the root zone.

spring aeration northern colorado

Benefits of Spring Aeration

  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Stimulates deeper root growth
  • Increases drought tolerance
  • Minimizes thatch
  • Allows nutrients to get deeper into the soil
  • Reduces water runoff and increases water penetration
  • Increases the overall grass health

Are you ready to get your lawn aerated this spring? Contact us to schedule your appointment! If you refer a neighbor who books on the same day as your service, you receive a discount!

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